The Movers and Shakers Summer Camp promotes the same values that are the cornerstone of Asheville Community Movement: teaching kids to be independent and conscientious community members within a fun and safe environment. We try to nurture the individual passions of our campers by devoting each week to themes that foster community spirit and sustainable living.

By sustainable living, we mean treating the Earth with respect, as well as yourself, your body and mind, and your fellow community members. Kids may choose from the provided activities based on their individual interests and comfort level, but regardless of theme, campers will participate in activities related to movement, team building, and conflict mediation - skills essential to living within a healthy community.


Movers and Shakers Summer Camp takes place in our 35,000 sq ft facility which sits on over two acres. The majority of the indoor space is a large open space with a full gymnastics facility including spring floors, bars, balance beams and trampolines, basketball area, tennis area, dance floor, and space for scooters, plasma cars, bikes, and roller skates.

This open space has gated bay doors that open in order to provide an outdoor feel with a breeze and natural light. We also have fans through out the space and an evaporation cooler that works with the breeze to keep the area comfortable. In addition, there are indoor classroom areas with air conditioning for our hands-on workshops and downtime.

Our outdoor area has a playground, garden space, archery area, and open space for outdoor sports, games, and water play. There are pop-up tents along with a covered pavilion to provide shade during outdoor play. With this space we are able to provide energetic play both in the sunshine and in the shade. Campers will enjoy plenty of time with natural breeze and light, and respite from the heat when needed.

Our facility is also right along the French Broad River. Our outdoor space is fenced, and we do not spend time in the river due to how high the river tends to stay and due to concerns over cleanliness of the French Broad. However, it provides a beautiful back drop for their play and provides a nice breeze off the water.

Every week regardless of the theme, campers play group games, work through team building activities, learn and practice conflict mediation, have circle time with music, outdoor water play, and a choice of movement opportunities.

Our movement opportunities include:

  • Gymnastics

  • Dance

  • Group Games

  • Gardening

  • Archery

  • Water Play

  • Scooters and Booster Cars

  • Soccer

  • Frisbee

  • Trampoline

  • Bounce House

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • And more!

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Week 1 | Wild Week: Children Thou Art Loosed!

June 10th - 14th

School’s out for summer! This is a week to celebrate being out of school, but also to embrace our wild sides. We’ll spend time outdoors learning about survival skills and primitive living. We will be offering workshops in shelter building, fire making, archery, and more. Of course, we will also get our wild energy out through group games, obstacle courses, and playtime in the gym. Come start your summer off with some wild fun!


Week 2 | I Like to Move It, Move It!!

June 17th - 21st

This week is all about movement! Hey, it’s in our name - Asheville Community MOVEMENT! Let’s learn and practice all of the different ways we can enjoy exercise, whether it be through sports, group games, gymnastics, dance, or something you have never tried before. Campers will learn why it’s so important to make movement a habit.


Week 3 | Art in Nature

June 24th - 28th

You’d be surprised by how many art materials we can find just by walking outside! This week we will use tools provided by Mother Nature, as well as our own imaginative minds, to create a multitude of masterpieces. Activities include but are not limited to, sun dyes, natural paints, clay faces, stone stacking, plant printing and more!


Week 4 | Revolution: Start a Movement

July 1st - 3rd (optional camp day on the 5th)

Calling all revolutionary kids! You are the future. We will remember the passion for change that founded our country, and practice being the change we wish to see. Using a village model role play, kids will explore ways to work as a group and promote justice for all!

Week 5 | Brilliant Building Adventure

July 8th - 12th

Calling all future architects and engineers! This week is all about getting creative through building structures. Whether crafting small models out of legos and clay, cozy forts inside the gym, or a giant clubhouse outside, make sure to bring some muscle and an eye for design.


Week 6 | World of Hogwarts

July 15th - 19th

Join us for a week of magical fun. You’ll be sorted into one of our ACM Wizardry Houses! Come ready to make potions, learn magical herbology, hear the secrets of fortune telling, play Quidditch, and celebrate other aspects of the Harry Potter world. This week is sure to be a favorite!


Week 7 | Folk Art and Wildcrafting

July 22nd - 26th

We cannot forget to appreciate these beautiful mountains! This week we’ll experience what makes Appalachia so unique though traditional arts, crafts, music, and food preparation. Come ready to learn about the furry, flying, and leafy friends with whom we share our home.

Week 8 | Grub Week

July 29th - August 2nd

Who loves tasty, healthy snacks? Late summer harvest brings lessons on local foods, cooking, and nutrition. We will make a visit to Hickory Nut Gap farm to pick berries, and try out many delicious recipes. Campers can partake in designing, planning and planting the ACM fall garden along with starting a seed to take home to their own gardens.


Week 9 | Desert Island Survival

August 5th - 9th

Do you have what it takes to survive on a deserted island? You will after spending a week with ACM in our Desert Island Survival camp. We'll be castaways on our imaginary island where we will learn how to use our resources wisely, work together as a group to solve problems, and live with the bare necessities. But don't worry - our bare necessities still include water slides, bounce houses, play grounds, and gymnastics equipment!


Week 10 | Make Some Noise!

August 12th - 16th

Let’s get loud! This week will focus on the many ways we can make noise and have fun while doing so. Whether partaking in song, music, instrument making, storytelling, theatre, or practicing another language, come ready to find your voice and raise it!


Week 11 | Olympic Games

August 19th - 23rd

Come dive into Asheville Community Movement’s take on the Summer Olympics! We will have a unique set of games including, but not limited to: Plasma Car Racing, Archery, Pogo Sticking, Noodle Field Hockey, Team Obstacle Courses, and Water Play Challenges! Campers will also have the opportunity to create new, never-before-seen Olympic events. By focusing on teamwork and being a great sport, everyone is sure to leave camp as a winner.

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  • $25 non-refundable registration fee required for summer camp for all campers.

  • $40 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit per week required at time of enrollment to hold your child’s spot in camp each week.  This deposit cannot be transferred to other camp weeks if a change of week is required and will not be refunded if you need to cancel camp for any reason so please make sure you are certain of the weeks you will need before you enroll.  The deposit will be applied to camp tuition. 

  • Full payment of tuition for the week is due 2 weeks prior to camp week start date.  If payment is not made in full, camper’s enrollment will be cancelled with no refund of registration fee or deposit.

Additional pricing details:
  • Weekly swim field trip is $10 extra per week (ACM rents entire pool)
  • Sunscreen service is $8 extra per week.
  • Early drop off at 7:45AM is $20 extra per week for Full Day
  • Early drop off at 8:00AM is $35 extra per week for Short Day
  • Membership discount: 10% off regular registration rate
  • Sign up for entire summer and get the last week of summer camp FREE!

Swim field trip

Our weekly swim field trip is optional. We transport the children to North Buncombe pool in newer model vans and all children are restrained in shoulder belts. Children 7 years and younger ride in booster seats. ACM rents out the entire pool; we are the only ones at the pool other than lifeguards. In addition to lifeguard supervision, the kids are closely supervised by counselors assigned to each section of the pool.

We conduct a swim test for each child and assign them to the appropriate area of the pool. Counselors work with non-swimmers to improve their water awareness and basic swimming skills. North Buncombe pool has a gradual entry in the shallow end and a barrier to the deep end which makes it a particularly easy pool to keep non-swimmers in the shallower water.

We apply our sunscreen before the field trip and reapply while at the pool. For sunscreen application on non-field trip days, please purchase “Sunscreen Service.” 

Sun Screen Service

Sun Screen Service is optional. ACM provides non-toxic, endocrine disrupter-free sunscreen and applies it to the child prior to going outside for the lunch and water play. We reapply if children will be spending additional time in the sun.


Registration Open March 1st through our Online Parent Portal:

You will receive an email confirmation once your registration is complete. If you do not receive an email, your registration is NOT complete. Please call the Ashevile Community Movement office at (828) 254-6060 to complete your registration.