We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing a fun, enriching, and nurturing environment for children and teens. We wish to create an ideal atmosphere for athletes to challenge themselves and a comfortable setting for children to stay while their parents work. We love the energy that is so abundant in children and hope to provide a community where they feel at home and can develop the physical and internal strength that contributes to the development of confident, competent people.


Our Mission

1. To provide abundant opportunities for children to be physically active and improve their physical strength.
2. To combine physical activity with creative expression to nurture the development of character and inner-strength
3. To provide quality, affordable afterschool and summer programs which focus on personal development and physical activity.
4. To help children find the activity that inspires them to remain physically active.
5. To provide the Asheville community with a fun place to be active throughout the year.
6. To make a positive contribution to the Asheville community.
7. To make a positive contribution to the next generation.


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