Asheville Community Movement
Movers and Shakers Summer Camp
Junior Counselor Expectations and Requirements


The goal of the Junior Counselor Program is to provide an opportunity for older campers to become involved leaders and mentors in the ACM summer camp program.


To be eligible to apply campers must be rising 6th grade or older and must attend Asheville Community Movement for 4 weeks of summer camp and still be currently enrolled.

Junior Counselors will be expected to:

  • Demonstrate an attitude of involvement and volunteerism while at summer camp
  • Be role models and mentors to younger campers
  • Follow ACM rules and demonstrate safe behaviors
  • Help plan and teach clubs and activities
  • Assist counselors when needed

To become a Junior Counselor, afterschoolers are required to:

  • Complete and turn In Registration Form
  • Demonstrate responsible behavior consistently
  • Demonstrate ability to follow ACM rules and schedule consistently
  • Demonstrate kindness toward others consistently
  • Have Eligibility Form signed by and turned in to counselors

If expectations are met, Junior Counselors will earn responsibilities and privileges, and will advance through achievement levels. These achievement levels will be:

  • Junior Counselor - Meets expectations of Junior Counselor Program
  • Lead Junior Counselor - Exceeds expectations of Junior Counselor achievement level, successfully leads summer camp clubs and activities
  • Senior Junior Counselor - Exceeds expectations of Lead Junior Counselor level and helps to run summer camp! Creates, organizes, and leads clubs and activities; acts as mentor and teacher to younger kids; assists with daily schedule and co-leads with counselors