Spring Show 2016, Info and Schedule


Spring Show 2016, June 4-5

This year’s Spring Show is coming up, so here’s some information for parents. For the show schedule scroll down to the next section with all the tables. These will tell you when your child is performing in the show.

  1. Your scheduled show time will consist of performances and open house time afterwards. You will not be sitting and watching performances the entire hour and 10 minutes 🙂 Each session will begin with a short performance by our team.
  2. We will have some seating, but feel free to bring a chair!
  3. Parking will be available on both ends of the gym with the option of entering the building on both ends as well.
  4. We love hanging out with and getting to know all of our customers, but as parking is limited please do not stay past the end time for your session and please do not arrive any more than 10 minutes early.
  5. Carpooling is so awesome!
  6. Suggested donation at the door is $5 per adult, $2 per non-performing child over 2, or $15 per family. All door money will help us pay the staff for all of their extra work preparing for and running the show.
  7. Make sure your child’s hair is pulled up and out of their face and that they are dressed and ready for the performance when they get here.
  8. Show leotards, shirts, and shorts will arrive the week before the show and will be passed out when your child comes to class. Please do not let your child wear their show clothing until the day of the show. After the show, they can wear it every minute of every day 🙂
  9. If your child is age 4 or over and they would like some extra time working on their routine, we will be running spring show practices during our Fri and Sat Fun Nights from 6-9pm starting this weekend. Fun night is $5 per hour. This is a great opportunity to run through the routine with music as many times as they would like! We will make sure they have fun doing it!! They are also welcome to stay past 9pm (Fun Night runs until 11pm) we just won’t be practicing for the show after 9pm.

Keep an eye out for an email this week with a Youtube link to your child’s Spring Show routine so they can practice at home. See the section below for the show schedule. If you have any other questions please let us know!

Spring Show 2016 Schedule

The top two tables show the dates and times for the sessions. The tables below those ones show the programs and class times, and their corresponding session numbers. So, scroll down to the table for your child’s program, find their class time and the session number, then scroll back up to the top tables to find the time slot for that session. If you have any questions about the schedule, please don’t hesitate to ask!






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